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Preparing Your Own Will. If your attorney employs less experienced lawyers (associates) or legal assistants (paralegals), their time should be billed at a lower hourly rate. Even in cases where there are two witnesses to a will, it does not mean that it cannot be challenged. Trust: Once you create a trust, you can move … Read more

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Probate court proceedings (during which a deceased person’s assets are transferred to the people who inherit them) can be long, costly, and confusing. Any pending estate taxes can also come due within one year from death. Although this dilemma can be resolved using a sprinkling, Crummey Power, or five-and-five power, it is not necessarily an … Read more

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In that case, she may be personally liable to creditors. “Under California law, there is no requirement that a will be notarized to be valid. While many wills may be notarized, the lack of notarization will not provide grounds for a will contest. Writing out your wishes for health care can protect you if you … Read more