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However, some people in California may opt for a testamentary trust. Another mistake is not to bring the successor trustees into the picture early enough. A death benefit payout to your Estate can mean they don’t get the full death benefit – or any of it at all. The most common Estate Planning definition is … Read more

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In that case, she may be personally liable to creditors. “Under California law, there is no requirement that a will be notarized to be valid. While many wills may be notarized, the lack of notarization will not provide grounds for a will contest. Writing out your wishes for health care can protect you if you … Read more

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Step 3: Proving the Will to the Probate Court. Consequently, when you become incapacitated or die, the person you appoint as the successor trustee can easily step in and handle your affairs precisely as you have laid out in the document. I am looking for an ideal living trust lawyers. Yes, Steve Bliss with Moreno … Read more